Sunday Worship: 9am Traditional, 11:11am Casual

Keith Shantz

Hi, my name is Keith Shantz. I am the “Building Maintenance Guru” for Trinity Church and Preschool.  I am known as Mr. Keith to the kids and it seems a lot of them have put me on a pretty high pedestal when it comes to fixing stuff. When some of the parents have problems at home, their kids say “Call Mr. Keith, he can fix it!”  I am originally from Canada and have lived in the US for 34 years now.  I met my wife Monica in Colorado and we have been married for 18 years.  My work as a carpenter, furniture builder, timber framer, and project manager set me up to become the maintenance guy here when I decided to retire a couple of years ago. I do everything from plumbing and electrical to installing flooring and building decks.  My hobbies are fly fishing and also tying flies.