sunday services at 9am and 11:11am. 2796 charlestown rd in new albany.

Sermon Title

“The Great Unknown: Start Walking”

Sermon Details

Scripture reading: Genesis 12:1-3 Hebrews 11:1,8,11,17 NIV
Delivered by: Pastor Chris Neikirk, senior pastor.

Series Description

It is impossible to go where God is leading without leaving where you are… you cannot do both, stay and go. Fear of the unknown — both the journey and the outcome — keep many from taking risks for the kingdom which also limits the blessing. Faith pulls us forward, fear pulls us backward. God desires faithfulness and obedience and often does not give us the destination or offer a clear picture of the whole plan. Our responsibility is to trust God and follow where he leads. God promises to be with us. We do not trust in the promise, we trust in promise-maker.