sunday services at 9am and 11:11am. 2796 charlestown rd in new albany.

Membership and Sacraments

Adult Membership

Membership Classes at Trinity are in the form of orientation and information meetings. These gatherings are scheduled every other third Sunday for those adults interested in learning about the Christian faith, The United Methodist Church and Trinity Church.

Anyone interested in attending one of these classes should contact the church office or Pastor Chris Neikirk.

Confirmation Classes

In the United Methodist Church, confirmation is the process through which young persons, 6th  grade through 12th grade, make a personal profession of Christian faith. Once confirmed, they are full, voting members of the church in their own right. If they have not been baptized, they will be baptized as part of confirmation. If they have already been baptized (as infants, for example), they will not need to be re-baptized. Instead, they are asked to remember their baptism.

The Sacrament of Christian Baptism

The United Methodist Church believes all who are baptized in the Christian faith are members of the body of Christ we call the church. Infant baptism is practiced in the United Methodist Church. We also baptize adults who have never been baptized before. We do not rebaptize anyone. A believer is only to be baptized once, as an infant or as an adult.

Persons who have been baptized in a different denomination within the Christian faith would not be rebaptized when joining the United Methodist Church. We are all part of the body of Christ.

Persons desiring baptism for themselves or their child should contact Pastor Chris Neikirk and set a time to discuss this very import decision.